The greatest free icon website resource for instant icons

Throughout my career as a Designer I have created many icons for various projects, more often than not there is never enough time to create that perfect icon. Here’s a quick time saving website that I turn to frequently to help me when a tight deadline is looming.

Go to –

If you’re fortunate enough to be using one of the versions of the Adobe software listed below you’re in luck.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 – CS6 or CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC or CC 2014
  • After Effects CC or CC 2014

Download the appropriate free plugin extension from the flaticon website, this gives you the ability to search 70,000+ icons directly into your chosen Adobe program, quick and simple.

If you’re unlucky and don’t have any of these Adobe programs to hand, then don’t worry you can still add your chosen searched icons to the ‘My Icons’ basket by visiting the flaticon website. When you’re done searching and adding all the icons you like, then checkout your icons in your chosen format these include PSD, SVG, PNG, EPS or ALL.  This creates a .zip file for you to download free of charge, with those lovely icons tucked safely away inside. You can then open these icons into any art and design editing software program, and do what you please.

I like to get collections or styles of icons that fit the project I’m working on, then do modifications and embellishments that are needed.  This really does save a great deal of time, something us designers have very little of.

As a free resource you really can’t go wrong – let me know if you use this or if you’ve found a better resource.

Happy icon hunting!